Ep.14- Chark Talk-Well if ya don’t know…well now ya know. Movies we LOVE that you may have never heard of.

Dancin wit Dason
A Rose for Rose
Chances Are.. there are multiple reincarnation romances on this list.
Chanteussy Face with a pretty Waist and a Pony Tail hangin down
World would be a lot better off..without KIDS!
Buddy is our BOY!
Sooooo apparently this was called Maybe Baby before For Keeps?
If you like Fried Chicken…DONT WATCH!
Just wrong!
First of 2 Neil Simons.
True Love
Murray’s Meatballs meet Kathy Bates
Scary as all get out!
Everything leads into everything else.. How did she know!
Angus Scrimms Amish Brudder

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