Ep. 20- Just Show Up

Char and Kate REBOOT. We decided to JUST SHOW UP. That’s our wise, worldly advice for all y’all in land. This episode we talk about what has changed and what has stayed the same since we last met. Oh and of course Rocky and Kurt Russell.

Ep. 18- What’s in a Name?

Folks its been a dogs age… possibly a bit less depending on how you age a dog. Anyways here is a lost episode we were going to toss but decided to release. Kate and I have a hot date for a podcast right after X-mas. You aren’t finished with us yet.

Ep. 17- Pretty Pretty Pain Cave

Char and Kate talk… Hurley owning the key to Hawaii, The Philly Mount Rushmore, Spacey Bois and more

Here is a link to a post I wrote about the Ancora Gate PHENOMENON

Ep.14- Chark Talk-Well if ya don’t know…well now ya know. Movies we LOVE that you may have never heard of.

Dancin wit Dason
A Rose for Rose
Chances Are.. there are multiple reincarnation romances on this list.
Chanteussy Face with a pretty Waist and a Pony Tail hangin down
World would be a lot better off..without KIDS!
Buddy is our BOY!
Sooooo apparently this was called Maybe Baby before For Keeps?
If you like Fried Chicken…DONT WATCH!
Just wrong!
First of 2 Neil Simons.
True Love
Murray’s Meatballs meet Kathy Bates
Scary as all get out!
Everything leads into everything else.. How did she know!
Angus Scrimms Amish Brudder

Ep.11- Chark Talk-Conspiratorial Editorial

Char and Kate talk conspiracy theories from ….dentists are lining their pockets with our tooth enamel to the King is ALIVE and Sir Paul is DEAD.
Wanna see Kate wearing her famous Hill Jack teefers? Go to CharkTalk.com

Interwebz Research

The King in glorious analog

The actual book replica of the 
ACK-A-ME Birthday purchase

My favorite season is Faul

Avril is F’Avril

plastic surgery doesn’t make sense…but an impostor..yeah that makes sense.